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Melali The Drifter Sessions

 Melali The Drifter Session
Melali – The Drifter Sessions DVD is the surfing movie for everyone who loved The Drifter but wished there was more surf action in it! All the extra footage was so good that they had to release it.

While wandering through Indonesia filming the multi award winning surfing movie The Drifter, Rob Machado met up with various friends for surf sessions on the best waves the island had to offer. His cohorts include Dane Reynolds, Dan Malloy, Mike Losness, Kelly Slater, Kalani Robb, Shane Dorian, Marlon Gerber and Rizal Tanjung. It’s a unique surf movie experience set to an original score by Jon Swift, Todd Hannigan, Fernando Apodaca and Rob Machado, and showcasing an eclectic mix of some of the world’s greatest surfers.

Filmed across the enormous Indonesian chain of islands, Melali: The Drifter Sessions features Rob Machado, who is one of the most skilled and stylish wave riders of our time. Melali returns to fundamentals of surf cinematography by focusing on the surfing experience, the artful relationship between man and surf, and the sharing of this experience with good friends.

Spearheaded by Machado and director Taylor Steele (the godfather of modern surf film), the two-disc set contains two different versions of the 35-minute surf film, one with only surfing and one intercut with short segents documenting the recording of the soundtrack (the original score written by Jon Swift, Todd Hannigan, Fernando Apodaca, and Machado (The Melali Sessions Band).
The finest surfing locales Indonesia has to offer, and an eclectic and world-class collection of wave riders, Melali is one of the most anticipated surfing movies of recent times.

"When we premiered The Drifter across the country, the best part of the night was the live improvisation with the band to the surf bonus footage,” Machado says. "That inspired us to make another movie with the unreleased surf footage and record some music as the score.”

The team of accomplished musicians recorded the score in a barn in rural southern California. The result is a diverse mix of musical compositions ranging from simple ballads to full band improvisations that captures a broad spectrum of moods tailored to the soulful and dynamic surfing.

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