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Little Victories - A California Surf Film

Sea Flight


 "Little Victories" is a 30-minute surf film by Perry Gershkow about venturing all along the California coastline in search of wave variety, terrain, and creating little victories along the way.

Perry, an action sports filmmaker from Marin county, gathered his buds and hit the California coast starting in Santa Cruz heading north. The crew scored at eight different surf spots along the way ending their surf adventure with some serious tube time in San Francisco.

Surfers include: Austin Smith-Ford, Tyler Payne, Colin Dwyer, Bryce Adams, Chris Williams, Michael Taras, Teddy Miller, Matt Myers, Kyle Thiermann, Jason "Ratboy" Collins, Morgan Albertoli, Josh Scofield, Trevor Bloom, Ian Glover, Jordan Stern and Josh Ryan.

RC Pilot filming: Shon Bollock

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