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Surfers Of Fortune

 Surfers Of Fortune
 A must for the wall of any surf lover! Certain to become one of the most popular surfing posters of all-time, Surfers of Fortune features no less than 20 famous quotations from surfers throughout the ages. From Kelly Slater ("Once you're a surfer you're done. It's like the mob or something. You're never getting out"), to Dale Webster ("Surfing is the ultimate spontaneous involvement in a natural medium"), to Dave Kalama ("Two feet, twenty feet - the fun is the same for me. All I'm looking for is a smile and riding a wave is what does it for me"), the quotes are priceless! Other quoted surfers: Duke Kahanamoku, Rabbit Kekai, Gerry Lopez, Kary Mullis, Paul Strauch, Peter Cole, Woody Brown, Dean Morrison, Jon Frank, Keala Kennelly, Anona Napoleon, Rob Machado, Nat Young, Rochelle Ballard, David Rastovich. 

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