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Ticket to Ride (1987)

Everyone dreams of the South Seas. Is it a dream or is it real? Well surprisingly its as real as ever. In every way! A step back in time and a step forward in adventure! Soderberg traveled to the Islands of French Polynesia, Fiji, The Cook Islands (Rarotonga), Samoa, New Zealand, and Tonga to find out. Together with two trips to the North Shore, Maui, and two trips to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, "Ticket to Ride" offers alot to see! Some direct hits and some misses; traveling through the pacific was a risky voyage for Soderberg and his band of Surfriders: Ronnie Burns, Max Medieros, Johnny Boy Gomes, Byron Wong, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Mark Lydell, and Brian Buckley.

A traveling classic that introduces some Tahitian talent: Vitea David getting tunneled on the Island of Huahine. Spearing a frenzied shark in 18 inches of water from a sandy beach, going over the falls in an 18ft skiff two miles from shore, falling through jagged coral reef and hoping the boat comes back before high tide, torrential rains, stone fish and sea snakes and thousands of miles traveled, show the dedication of bringing this adventure to the screen. All with humor! Also featuring Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, and many others. Yes Wilbur, there is a Paradise on earth!

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