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The Circus

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In a video market that's filled with knock-offs and wannabe's, Pete Frieden and Ryan Ray prove a top-notch cinematographer and an editor with a laundry list of epic surf films to his credit can consistently "WOW" a jaded audience. From exclusive sessions with the best surfers in the world to World Tour highlight moments and behind-the-scenes perspectives, Pete manages to capture it all and bring the pages of Surfing Magazine to life.

In a career that's spanned over ten years, Ryan Ray has directed and edited more surf films than anyone in the business. The fact that his name isn't better known to the surfing public is attributable to his behind-the-scenes personality and humble demeanor. The things that go unnoticed in a surf film are Ryan's forte: eclectic soundtracks that break the generic punk-rock mold and editing that somehow manages to fit the action perfectly to the rhythm of a song, a critical eye for inferior cinematography and a commitment to the creative process are the hallmarks of Ryan's contribution.

"The Circus" follows Frieden and his traveling troupe of aquatic acrobats across the planet as he captures exclusive sessions with the Irons Bros., Cory Lopez, Wardo and Slater.

Filmed On Location In: Australia, Tahiti, France, Hawaii, South Africa, Brazil and California.

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